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Be “champions of local” this Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Speaking in the Seanad ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I encouraged consumers to instead, think about “Green Friday”, a movement that encourages us to support local, to slow down and shop mindfully and to consider pre-loved.

Tomorrow if you do choose to shop, shop locally. Shop for Irish made products, Irish made food, even better if they are made in your locality. Shop for gift vouchers for local venues or workshops. Shop where your money brings meaningful employment and pride to a local producer. Shop where you can afford to shop – shop second-hand, preloved, new to you. Items kept in use or repurposed for new use have a much lower carbon footprint.

Shop happily and mindfully - open your hearts to the experience, chat with the retailers and the producers, hear their stories, hear what your purchase means to them – that is when the endorphins really flow: With human connection. Shop slowly! Feel the fabric, smell the hand-made soaps.

Recent data from AIB suggests that over the next few days, Irish Consumers will spend €18,000 per minute. For every €1 spent locally, it can multiply to €2.50 in the economy, while €1 spent online, with an overseas retailer, makes next to no impact in the local economy.

Use it or lose it is the motto of this year’s Green Friday campaign and if we, the consumer, don’t play our part we will lose these local businesses and the employment they sustain. Check your local Chambers of Commerce; in Laois and Offaly they are offering gift cards that can be spent in locally owned shops. Think about the power that you have in your wallet, the choice on how you spend your money will make all the difference and this year, be that champion of local

Watch my full speech here;


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