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Clara Bog Visitor Centre

I have been contacted by members of the Clara community regarding the nearly 2 year closure of the Visitor

Centre at Clara Bog and am delighted to receive an update that the National Parks and Wildlife Service, NPWS, operated Centre will reopen in the coming weeks.

The closure was due to a lack of staffing levels at appropriate Grades. However, the good news is that the situation is changing and recruitment to fill posts of Head Guide and Education Guide is near completion. I must acknowledge the work of my Green Party colleague, Minister Malcolm Noonan for his work on the Strategic Action Plan for the renewal of the National Parks and Wildlife Service, and of course the

NPWS team.

Once new staff are in place, and the NPWS are satisfied the building and facilities are ready to receive visitors again, the centre will open doors to the public. The NPWS has asked for continued forbearance for another short while and I’m sure that won’t be a problem as this good news is received in the community.

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