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Dear Member

I am asking you to vote for me, Pippa Hackett, as Leader of the Green Party.

My vision for the Party is not complex. I believe that we must be true to our identity as the party of environmental protection and climate justice. The two great issues of our time are climate change and biodiversity collapse, each inextricably linked with the other and with social justice.

I believe there is a real appetite among the public for Green policies: better and safer

transport infrastructure; protection and restoration of nature; cleaner water and cleaner air; cheaper energy and warmer homes; sustainable land use and food production; more balanced regional development; and better supports for the small local businesses that bring life to our villages, towns and cities.

I believe that there are voters from across the political spectrum who want to vote for Green policies, and we must work tirelessly together to connect with those voters. We must stand up and take pride in who we are and what we stand for. To the vile abuse of corporate bosses, to the misinformation of certain independent politicians, to the rise of the far right, to the relentless undermining in sections of the media and on social media, we must say enough, and we must be unapologetically Green.

We need a vibrant, well organised machine across the country, inside and outside the M50. As Leader I will work night and day to consolidate our vote where it is strongest, and to grow our appeal where it’s low. We need to win as many seats as we can in the next General Election. Thinking bigger than that, in those constituencies where we come up short, we need successful candidates from other parties and none to look over their shoulders at a strong Green vote: so that they know there is a Green voice and a Green perspective in their constituency that cannot be ignored.

I have the experience, both in and outside politics, I have the fight, and I have the vision to lead this Party into our next chapter - at a time when there has never been a greater need for Green voices in positions of influence on this island and further afield.

I have sat at the Cabinet table for the past four years, and before that I have been a County Councillor, a Senator and Chair of our Executive Committee. I know our strengths and I know where we can be stronger.

We have a choice about our future direction. For our natural world, for communities and for a fairer island, I urge you to choose me, Pippa Hackett, as Leader of the Green Party.



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