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Earning credit for excess electricity is a win-win for householders and renewables

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

I spoke in the Seanad today on how homeowners can earn credit for the excess energy their solar panels are generating now. This credit could convert to a back payment from June onwards, depending on which utility contract a homeowner has.

Claims being made by my fellow Midland’s public representatives’ that the system is failing are untrue.

The Clean Export Guarantee will allow customers with registered microgeneration devices to sell any excess electricity back to Ireland's electricity grid in return for payment. Energy companies are currently announcing their tariffs.

Some energy companies have confirmed the payment for excess energy, not used by the household, will be back dated to 15th February when the Clean Export Guarantee came into effect. I call this a win-win for homeowners and renewables.

Today the joined Houses of the Oireachtas was addressed by Ukraine President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy; microgeneration of renewables is one step in shutting down Russia’s fossil fuel funding stream.

It allows families reduce utility bills while being paid for excess energy. And people can also avail of the SEAI grants to help install Solar PV panels on homes. A homeowner who believes they have a system installed which is eligible for Clean Export Guarantee, can check if they are registered by either contacting their electricity supplier or calling ESB Networks Customer Care Centre at 1800 372 372.

I am frustrated that similar schemes for non-domestic users, such as schools and farms, is taking longer. One barrier is the current need for planning permission for solar panels, over a given threshold, on roofs. This is something my Green Party colleagues here in the Seanad have worked hard to progress, and I hope the Department of Housing will move to complete this legislative change.

In my own constituency, some public representatives have tried to claim the entire policy is failing miserably. This is disappointing, and it is untrue. We will solve the issues, and we have proven we can do it with the domestic scheme. I look forward to hearing the same public representatives herald Green policy when payments begin for non-domestic users in the coming months.


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