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EMERGE into a brighter future

Pictured with Lisa and Brendan of 'The factory', an award winning eco design and print house, at an event in Birr in October

We know we must move from our dependence on fossil fuels.

As those of us in the Midlands region know only too well this move did not impact on us all equally: The wider Midland's region being the most impacted by the closure of power plants and the consequent devastating loss of jobs linked directly and indirectly to these plants.

The Midlands is recovering and there is a unique and exciting opportunity now for individuals, businesses and communities to play an important role in this recovery. The future is not the same: It is better.

Have a listen to my address to the EMERGE programme launch, a new training and mentoring programme designed to empower communities to maximise on this opportunity.

In my address I highlight two businesses leading the way: The FACTORY and Solas Eco Garden Shop and talk about the potential for social enterprise. I encourage everyone to engage with EMERGE and if I can support your journey as we transform our beautiful region together please get in touch.

Please keep an eye on the EMERGE section on the CARO website for updates and new resources: Or you can register your interest in participating in the next phases of the project by contacting Johnny Sheehan at or Maria O'Connell at or call them on (01) 454 8727.


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