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EPA research on climate change attitudes

  • New EPA research on Climate Change attitudes and behaviours are an emphatic endorsement of climate action.

  • Midland’s people’s climate attitudes, policy preferences and behaviours are consistent with the rest of Ireland with 8 out of 10 people concerned about climate change.

  • There is no discernible difference in findings between urban or rural dwellers

Today, I am really excited to welcome the release of new interactive maps with county level data that shows people’s climate change beliefs, attitudes, policy preferences and behaviours.

These maps are part of the Climate Change in the Irish Mind study, undertaken by the EPA and the Yale University Program and they tell us that 8 in every 10 people are concerned about climate change.

This may be the first time we have clear data that climate is as much of a concern to people in rural areas as it is to those in towns and cities. But this is not news to me; instead, it buoys me up to keep forging ahead with Green policies.

The data released today shows that 8 out of 10 people want action at individual and Government level. This Government, and in no small part with thanks to the participation of the Green Party, has put robust climate legislation in place and now we must drive on with the implementation of our Climate Action Plan.

There is no time to waste on the denial of climate science although we must continue to raise awareness of the science and communicate it across as many platforms as possible.

We must also highlight the potential of climate action: One of my favourite findings of this EPA research is that almost eight in ten people in all counties believe acting on climate change will improve our quality of life. This is my belief too and one of the main motivators to my work at both local and Government level.

I encourage everyone to check out the interactive map of their county – it is very user friendly and energising.

Full details of the Climate Change in the Irish Mind reporting are available here:

CCIM report 1: Climate Change in the Irish Mind, accompanying infographic

CCIM report 2: Climate Change’s Four Irelands, accompanying Infographic


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