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Ferbane Boardwalk

Following a request by members of Ferbane Tidy Towns and my visit to the start of the boardwalk this evening, I am delighted to pass on the welcome news that it will open to the public very soon, in a matter of weeks or less.

My thanks to the Tidy Towns for coming to me with a request that the boardwalk be opened as soon as possible. Minister Malcolm Noonan’s office responded to my query with a swift confirmation that work is underway to ensure the boardwalk is open as soon as possible.

I understand that an inspection will take place in the coming days by the National Parks and Wildlife Service. This is to check the condition of the boardwalk. It is envisaged that some very minor maintenance may be needed. Once that work is completed it is intended that the boardwalk will be opened within the coming weeks if not sooner.

I really look forward to walking it and enjoying all of the benefits that this area of natural beauty and biodiversity has to offer. Well done to the Tidy Town team for your efforts on this and in Ferbane generally – they are really paying off.


Image: Minister Pippa Hackett with Cllr Dooley and members of Ferbane Tidy Towns, close to the start of the new boardwalk


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