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First National Dialogue on Women in Agriculture

With Minister Mc Conalogue, Minister Hayden and former Tánaiste, Mary Coughlan in St Stephen's Green.

Under the watchful gaze of Countess Markievicz, Department of Agriculture colleagues, Minister Mc Conalogue, Minister Hackett and Minister Hayden launched the first National Dialogue on Women in Agriculture.

Commenting at the launch, Minister Hackett said

“I am delighted to say this National Conference is coming to Laois on the 1st of February. Of course, that is St Bridget’s Day, herself a great champion of women, and I can’t think of a better day to ignite a cultural shift towards increased visibility and status of women in agriculture.”

The National Dialogue on Women in Agriculture will take place in Portlaoise on Wednesday, February 1, and will be chaired by former Tánaiste and former minister, Mary Coughlan.

Announcing plans for the Conference from the Ploughing Championships in September,

Minister McConalogue said

“Gender equality is a priority for me and the Government. The significant contribution of women to the agri-food sector in Ireland has not always been afforded the recognition it deserves and I have been working to address that issue.”

Women account for some 13% of all farm holders in Ireland. At the same time, CSO data shows there are approximately 75,000 female farm workers in Ireland. This points to over 58,000 women working in farming without visibility and without status as a farm holder.

Minister Hackett said

Gender equality is central to policy, including the new CAP Strategic Plan and Food Vision 2030; now we need to see the shift on the ground. I am delighted that as a woman, a farmer and a Minister of State in the Department of Agriculture, I am playing my role in bringing this national conversation to Laois.”


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