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Forestry Licence Viewer

Following the launch of Phase 1 in December 2020, I am delighted today to announce the launch of Phase 2 of the online forestry portal. The portal, an Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine initiative called Forestry Licence Viewer (FLV) shows application information for forestry licences in Ireland and provides members of the public with easy and direct online access to forestry licence applications and decisions.

I am delighted to see Phase 2 launch today. From today, all new forestry licence applications received, along with all related application documents, will appear in the FLV as they are advertised and are open for public consultation. The portal is using the most up to date mapping tools and the information will be available at the push of a button.

When I launched The Forestry Licence Viewer last month, I gave a commitment that further developments would follow shortly. Today’s launch follows up on that commitment. Aside from making all application information available, it will also provide that when a licence is decided, the final decision and all related documents can be accessed there. Over time the portal will build up to hold a repository of licence applications, supporting documentation and decisions.


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