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Fourth meeting National Forestry Policy Group

The fourth meeting of the national Forestry Policy Group took place today. In my role as Minister of State for Land Use and Biodiversity, I chaired the meeting which was convened to monitor progress on the implementation of Project Woodland, established earlier this year, to review and implement national forest policy.

I was very encouraged by the progress reported at today’s meeting. The updates delivered by the Chairs of the Project Board and of each of the four Working Groups demonstrated that that Project Woodland has really hit the ground running. All the Groups have met on several occasions since February and the work done and the plans outlined today indicate they all have solid roadmaps to delivery. I was also happy to hear that not only are the Working Groups busy with their respective work programmes, but they have set up communication links between them to ensure consistency of approach. It all shows, I believe, that we are well on the way to addressing the difficulties the sector is currently facing and to developing a new forest strategy.

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