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Free contraception for women 17-25 a giant step for women’s health

Today, is the first step towards making universal free contraception a cornerstone of women’s healthcare.

Free contraception will become available from today, through participating GPs and services, is for women aged 17 to 25 and could see savings of up to €470 on the cost of prescription contraception including contraceptive implant, injection, IUCD or IUS. Service providers who have signed up to the scheme from today, and in the coming weeks, include GPs, pharmacies, primary care centres, family planning centres and student health clinics.

I'm calling on all GPs and other services to sign up as soon as possible. I have long believed that cost should not prevent any woman from accessing her choice of contraception. The Green Party has campaigned for free access to contraception, and secured a commitment in the Programme for Government to provide free contraception on a phased basis. The scheme will cover the cost of prescription contraception, including the cost of consultations with medical professionals and the costs associated with fitting/removing various types of long-acting reversible contraception (LARCs).

This will allow women to make informed decisions with their doctor about their own bodies and the method of contraception that best meets their needs.

Information regarding the scheme will be available through the HSE’s website. This information will be regularly updated and will provide full details of how to access the scheme.


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