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Government is delivering for Laois Offaly


Government has made “Tangible investment in Laois Offaly in 2021” says Cabinet Minister Hackett

Community enhancement and town centre regeneration are among the successes in the Midlands over the past year, says Minister Pippa Hackett.

"This Government has made a tangible investment in Laois Offaly in 2021. In Just Transition and transport, in regeneration of our town centres and community enhancement; Laois Offaly is benefitting” said Hackett, the only Laois Offaly based Minister with a seat at the Cabinet Table.

Noting that the challenges faced in the Midlands were specifically recognised in the Climate Action Plan, Minister Hackett said that this Government was clearly committed to ensuring a Just Transition;

“We committed to retrofit 345 Social houses in Laois Offaly, we increased social protection measures for those experiencing fuel poverty and we made significant investment in green energy innovation and integration”

On rural transport and active travel, Minister Hackett said “With the Connecting Ireland plan, 70% of us living outside of cities will have more access to a public transport services and with 5 schools in Laois Offaly accepted to round 1 of the safe routes to school programme, children will be able to walk and cycle safely to school. In March, €3.4 Million was secured for County Offaly for Active Travel Scheme and just last week, a further €1.3 million for Greenway funding.”

“Additionally, our town centres have benefitted from this Government. Over €11 million was secured for Laois Offaly under the URDF which will enhance urban areas to make them more attractive places in which to live, work, visit and invest” said the Minister. “Clara and Rathdowney will receive €100,000 to develop their Town Centres and, in early 2022, this Government will announce the first ever Town Centre First Policy”.

“I’m delighted to be in a position to work for the people of Laois and Offaly and I will continue to work with my Cabinet Colleagues to ensure that this Government continues to deliver for my constituency in 2022” the Minister concluded.



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