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Green Party Senators call for multi-faceted, catchment-based solutions to flooding

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Floods are an inevitable part of life in Ireland, but the frequency and intensity of flooding has greatly changed, causing significant impact on communities and farmland. The task of managing flooding is enormous and further exacerbated by climate change. Green Party Senator Róisín Garvey is today (19th October), introducing a Private Members’ Motion on flooding to the Seanad, which will recommend a multi-faceted, catchment-based response to flood management while maintaining a multi-annual investment programme managed between the OPW and the local authorities.

The incidence and severity of flooding is already affecting us with a changing climate. It puts our towns and our farmlands under water. How we adapt to climate change will play a significant role in the wellbeing of so many of our citizens. A land-use review is underway, and this should help inform us how best to mitigate flooding - not just in urban settings, but across farmlands.

Read the full Press Release on the Green Party website or read more on the Seanad debate.


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