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Minister Hackett welcomes ambitious 'Housing for All' plan

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

The Town Centres First approach to the provision of housing in rural Ireland has been warmly welcomed by Minister Pippa Hackett.

“We need to get more people back living in our towns and villages if we’re going to keep rural Ireland vibrant,” she said, following the publication today of the Housing For All plan, which includes a commitment to advance Town Centres First principles.

“Allowing properties to lie vacant in a housing crisis makes no sense. This plan is tackling the problem head on.”

Housing For All aims to deliver 300,000 new homes by the end of 2030 with an annual spend of €4 billion. It will provide planning frameworks for housing in rural areas and incentivise the utilisation of vacant properties and sites.

Minister Hackett has been vocal on the development of town centres in the Midlands and has held public meetings in Portlaoise and Tullamore to outline the Green Party approach.

The Town Centres First strategy is due to be published later this Autumn.

“I’m also glad to see provision for 2,000 cost-rental units,” said Minister Hackett. “This is a core Green Party policy and will help to stabilise the ridiculously high cost of renting property.”

The Minister admits she would like to see more money made available for retrofitting nationally.

“We in the Midlands had a head-start in retrofitting our local housing stock with €20m from the Just Transition Fund. I would like to see more retrofitting across the country, but I welcome the renovation of derelict housing funds, included in the plan.

“Above all, this is an ambitious housing plan which aims to make affordable housing available to all and eliminate the dreadful homelessness problem that has afflicted our country for too long now.”


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