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Launch of Clara Town Plan

Congratulations to the Town Team and wider community of Clara following the official launch of the Clara Town Plan.

We are already seeing the fruits of your labour and I expect that all aspects of the Plan will be fully supported in due course. I am also delighted to see that Ferbane has been chosen for inclusion in the next phase of funding for Town Centre First Planning.

Ferbane will receive €30,000 to complete a comprehensive town plan to help develop the town centre and tackle vacancy. This will be done with the community and through a “Town Team” with support from the Town Regeneration Officer of Offaly County Council.

Every town is different, and while Clara has blazed a trail with a Plan which reflects that town wonderfully, I look forward to seeing how the Ferbane community plan to develop the opportunities afforded by its unique heritage and characteristics. Exciting times ahead as Government policy continues to support rejuvenation of rural towns and villages.

You can read the full Plan here.


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