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Leaving Certificate 2023

Updated: Aug 25, 2023


I am delighted to see the HSE’s spotlight on safety ahead of Leaving Certificate celebrations on Friday. Parents and guardians can use this week to have important conversations.

I’m not an expert but I try to ensure that the young people in my house have a plan in place on the off-chance they feel vulnerable on a night out. That way we all feel more confident that the night will be fun and safe and the ‘just in case’ back up plan is rarely, if ever, needed.

That said, it is important that this Government is progressing legislation to ensure that all venues are obliged to have measures in place to ensure their staff and patrons are protected from harassment. In the meanwhile, and with thanks to the work of my colleague Minister Catherine Martin, venues have been offered training in safeguarding the vulnerable and preventing violence against women. If you are feeling vulnerable, ask for help.

As well as the HSE’s advice, parents may find the factsheet provided by to be a useful conversation starter. I wish everyone happy, fun and safe celebrations in whatever form they may take.

Results and What's Next?

If you receive the results you are hoping for this week, very well done! If not, please keep calm and carry on. If you applied for a college place through the CAO who will have to be patient a little longer. But whatever your results or the initial outcome, remember we are fortunate to live in an Ireland now where there are so many options open to you from employment to further education and even the option to study locally at one of our wonderful Connected Hubs.

Last time I checked there were 90 apprenticeships in areas like mechanics, biopharma, insurance, logistics and many more. There are options open to meeting the eligibility requirements including completion of an approved Pre-Apprenticeship course.

In Laois and Offaly I believe we have one of the most proactive Education Training Boards in the country and if you haven’t already, then check out and particularly their Post Leaving Certificate options.

The next few days are all about you and what you have achieved – but in the longer term it is also about what you can offer your community and that, I believe, is what brings true fulfilment. Remember, we need people to fill roles in our new green economy from retrofitting to energy generation to job areas I don’t know exist yet – that’s how fast this space is moving.

There are many more options open to you than I can include here but whatever you decide, I hope it brings you enjoyment and satisfaction and that you consider staying in or returning to our beautiful midlands where we have so much to offer you for learning, working, living and enjoying!

Note: Should you have questions or concerns there are helplines available to you and you will find the details on


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