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Momentous Day: Offaly's first Climate Action Plan

4 adults face camera and are standing outside a glass fronted public buidling.
Welcoming the Local Authority Climate Action Plan are Green Party representatives from L-R Liam Walsh, Tullamore, Ekaterina Koneva, Birr, Minister Pippa Hackett and Cllr Mark Hackett, Edenderry.

Offaly Green Party representatives issue joint welcome of Offaly County Council’s first Climate Action Plan.


This week Offaly County Council adopted their first Climate Action Plan, which includes a Framework of Actions with a 5 year implementation timeframe.


The Plan outlines Offaly County Council’s leadership role in achieving our emission and energy targets by 2030.

Minister Pippa Hackett said “This plan sets out more than 100 actions for the Council directly, and it also outlines a role for the Council to lead, support and advocate for climate action across broader society. One of my first acts as a Councillor, back in 2019, was to propose that Offaly County Council declared a Climate Emergency and put in place a Climate Action Plan. It matters less how long this has taken and more that we keep the momentum going now. Well done to the excellent Climate Action Team, and thank you to John McNally for his leadership. Today is a great day.”


Cllr Mark Hackett, who seconded the ratification of the plan at the Council meeting, said “ It is a momentous day, from now on all decisions by the council need to be considered from the viewpoint of climate and biodiversity. There is no excuse for business as usual.”


Liam Walsh, Green Party Candidate in the Tullamore LEA joined party colleagues in welcoming the Offaly Climate Action Plan, saying “This outlines that there can be no room for complacency, and that there is still a significant challenge ahead of us if we are to transition to a greener, cleaner future that improves people’s quality of life.”


Cllr Mark Hackett concluded with “It is bittersweet to note that I was the only Councillor to make a submission on the draft version of this plan during the public consultation phase. I am delighted that my recommendation that responsibility for leading on climate action includes an onus on elected representatives.”

The plan will shortly be available on the Offaly County Council website.


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