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Draft National Biomethane Strategy

Last week I had the privilege to participate in a seminar ‘Partners in Transformation’ organised by Birr 20:20 Vision, which considered the future of the biomethane industry in Ireland.


4 adults stand facing camera. Two men in front have their hands crossed in front of them. A man and a woman stand just behind.
Brendan O’Loughlin, OLDC, Minister Hackett, Salters Sterling and Sean Loughnane, Chair Birr 20:20

There is much appetite from farmers and wider industry alike for a framework to roll out and scale up of the sector here. A draft strategy has been published, and I’m delighted this is open for public consultation, as it’s so important we get this right.


The public consultation is asking for views on the draft National Biomethane Strategy, and how it is customised to an Irish perspective.


As attendees heard at the ‘Partners in Transformation’ seminar, this must be a collaborative enterprise which works for local communities, local economies, and the environment.  I know there are many people waiting to read and contribute to the draft strategy, and I encourage everyone with an interest to engage. This Strategy, once finalised, will influence rural life and the landscape of our renewable future.

I also want to take this opportunity to congratulate Sean Loughnane, Salters Sterling and the wider Birr 20:20 Vision team for an excellent seminar on the topic.

The consultation is open until February 27th, and the details can be accessed


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