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New health and pregnancy resources for Roma women

I was thrilled to meet Minister Hidlegarde Naughton at a recent event in Clara

I welcome the launch of new health and pregnancy resources for Roma women.

The new resource was launched by Minister Hildegarde Naughton and includes a booklet specifically for Roma women called Roma Daja – supporting Roma women during and after pregnancy.

One of my core interests is women’s health. Awareness about available services, rights and entitlements remains one of the key barriers to Roma women accessing healthcare. It is particularly concerning that many Roma women do not present at a health service until the later stages of pregnancy. This booklet ‘Roma Daja - supporting Roma women during and after pregnancy’ is a free and online resource from the HSE, and I am delighted to help promote awareness of it. It is available in Romanian, Czech and Slovak – alongside plain English. Well done to Pavee Point, in partnership with Roma women, and the HSE for compiling it.

While the resources are designed primarily as an aid for health care professionals to communicate more effectively with Roma women, I am aware that there are many individuals and organisations working with Roma women who will also use it. Information includes information on breastfeeding services, how to apply for a medical card, as well as contact details for maternity hospitals, clinics and the HSE Midlands Roma and Migrants Services.

Finally, this is an excellent opportunity to draw attention to the many excellent HSE resources available in nearly 20 languages and, importantly, plain English. They are called ‘My Health – My Language’ and can be found here


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