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NPWS Action Plan and Review will deliver for biodiversity

Yesterday I welcomed the announcement of the plan to renew the National Parks and Wildlife Service by Green Party Colleague, Minister for Heritage and Electoral Reform, Malcolm Noonan TD.

The proposed plans will see

  • €55m investment for the implementation of 15 strategic actions

  • NPWS to be established as an Executive Agency and restructured

  • Early recruitment of 60 new staff for key roles to support biodiversity

I’m delighted to say that the funding investment of €55m was endorsed by my Cabinet colleagues and we have committed to deliver the plan over the lifetime of this Government

The NPWS has seen significant investment over the life of this Government; now at levels not seen since before the financial crisis. This investment means we are delivering for biodiversity; we are equipping and resourcing the NPWS to lead on conservation and restoration; and that the NPWS will be the voice for nature that Ireland needs. This announcement is timely with biodiversity week coming up and I’m looking forward to continuing my Department’s excellent relationship with the NPWS.

Minister Noonan at the announcement said that it was the outcome of a key Programme for Government commitment to review the role and remit of the NPWS, secured by the Green Party.

This Strategic Action Plan aims to deliver an NPWS that is more resilient, better resourced, and better equipped to play its part in Ireland’s response to the biodiversity emergency, on the national and international stage. The Plan will equip the NPWS with the organisational capability and supporting structures to enable it to deliver its mandate in protecting our natural heritage.



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