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Organic Capital Investment Scheme opened

  • Fourth sub scheme under the Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme (TAMS 3) to open

  • 60% grant rate available for qualifying Organic Farmers

I was delighted to attend the Farmer Time Field Day with Minister Charlie McConalogue and Cllr Mark Hackett who is an Organic farmer.

Press Release

Minister Charlie McConalogue and Minister of State Pippa Hackett today announced that the Organic Capital Investment Scheme, the fourth scheme to open under the new Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme (TAMS 3) has opened for applications. The scheme will provide grant aid under TAMs at the higher rate of 60% for organic farmers for capital investments and equipment to develop their organic enterprise. It complements the five-fold increase in the Organic scheme budget to €256m over the next five years.

Minister Hackett said,

“The launch of the Organic Capital Investment Scheme will assist organic farmers to undertake the necessary investment to successfully improve their farms to organic standards and to further develop their farms. It complements the significant increase in grant rates under the Organic Farming Scheme which saw the number of organic farmers in Ireland more than doubled in the last 12 months. The higher 60% grant rate signifies the importance we attach to developing our organic sector. We’ve set ourselves an ambitious target of reaching 10% of land farmed organically by 2030 and progress is excellent to date. These supports will be a further incentive to farmers who are interested in farming organically.
A list of the eligible investments is detailed. All Department Structural Specifications and notices relevant to this Scheme can be accessed on the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine website at: TAMS - Farm Building and Structures Specifications

Minister McConalogue added

“I am delighted that the Organic Capital Investment Scheme has been opened for applications. This scheme has an important part to play in the development of the organic farming sector. The 60% grant-aid rate available to participants of the organic farming scheme will enable organic farmers to invest in their farms and help to increase the area of sustainably farmed land”. The objective of the Organic Capital Investment Scheme is to facilitate the development of the organic sector to ensure a consistent supply of high-quality organic produce to the market and will specifically;
  • Help to improve production, handling, and preparation of organic produce.

  • Facilitate the adoption and application of new technologies.

  • Help to ensure the adoption of "best practice" within the organic production.

  • Facilitate the organic tillage Sector to develop a targeted and precise approach focusing on further environmental dividends, efficiency, and growth.

  • Improve competitiveness and contribute to the improvement of agricultural incomes.

The announcement of the Organic tranche of TAMS follows on from the successful launch of the standalone Solar Capital Investment Scheme (SCIS) with a ring-fenced ceiling of €90,000, the Animal Welfare and Nutrient Storage Scheme and the Pig and Poultry Investment Scheme . The remaining schemes are in the process of being rolled out with all to be available for application before the close of Tranche 1 of TAMs in mid-June


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