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Pet owners should be ‘scare aware’ this Halloween

We welcomed 'Milly' to the family last July. We collected her from Elaine her fosterer in Portlaoise.

Press Release

Pippa Hackett, Green Party Senator and Minister of State in the Department of Agriculture has issued a reminder to animal owners to be extra vigilant about their animal’s safety in advance of Halloween.

Minister Hackett said;

“Halloween can be a time of fun and excitement for us but we need to be mindful of the stress it can cause our pets and larger animals. The most important message is to ensure your pets are secure even if unexpected noises do spook them. Keep dogs and cats indoors and as larger, outdoor animals can also be distressed by fireworks, check on them regularly and secure in a shed if possible as this shields some of the noise.”

There is typically an increase in the numbers of stray and frightened pets at this time of year, putting extra pressure on animal rescue centres, dog pounds and veterinary clinics.

Minister Hackett continued;

“As always, I am aware of the dedicated work undertaken by the many animal welfare groups in the country, many of which are volunteer led. If your dog or cat goes missing following a fright there is a good chance one of these organisations will help to reunite you. You can help them by ensuring your pet is microchipped and their details are up to date. For dogs and horses this is a legal requirement so talk to your vet about this.
“We can also help our wildlife at this time of year by remembering that hedgehogs and many other creatures use woodpiles, scrub and leaves to hibernate over winter. Check these areas before disturbing them and best of all, leave some areas undisturbed for this purpose. If you are not going to cook with it, consider leaving your Halloween pumpkin out for wildlife to enjoy once the festivities are over.”

The Department of Agriculture runs a dedicated helpline to report incidents of Animal Cruelty. Phone: 01 607 2379, email:


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