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Public consultation on new electric vehicle charging strategy welcomed

On way to COP26, at charging point in Larne, November 2021

I welcome news that an online public consultation on the Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Strategy is open. The consultation, by the Department of Transport, is designed to give an opportunity to submit opinions and ideas on the delivery of electric vehicle (EV) charge point infrastructure. These could include the preferred locations of chargers and speeds of charging.

Public charging is most important for those longer journeys or for those who don’t have home charging. Ireland has set an ambitious target of 936,000 EVs on our roads by 2030. This reflects the scale of the transformation needed to achieve its climate targets in the coming years. Charging infrastructure must stay ahead of demand. I believe this new draft Strategy is robust but it now needs public scrutiny and input from all user and potential user groups.

My office was contacted recently by a group requesting information on public charge points for drivers with mobility impairments. It gave me the opportunity to review the infrastructure in Laois and Offaly and I was disappointed to see accessibility issues at some charge points. One of the core principles of the new Strategy is that EV charging infrastructure will work for everyone regardless of age, health, income or other needs. To ensure access for all citizens, principles of universal access and universal design will be considered at all stages of EV infrastructure development, from planning and design stages to operation and use. I am encouraging anyone who currently drives or is considering a move to an EV to read this Strategy, see how it works for your circumstance and if you see areas for improvement, to make a submission.

The questionnaire for the public consultation can be accessed here.

The current draft strategy (in English & Irish) can be viewed online here.


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