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Safe Access Zones

I welcome the latest progress of the Bill for Safe Access Zones which, once enacted, will provide for a 100m buffer zone around an entrance or exit to a premises where pregnancy termination services are provided.

The Bill received resounding support in the Dáil last week, with 110 TDs voting in favour and 10 against. Together with Green Party colleagues, I stand for women being able to access healthcare services, which may include pregnancy termination, free from harassment. It is disappointing to see my constituency colleague, Deputy Carol Nolan, voting yet again against the progression of this Bill.

I fully appreciate and respect the differing views people have about abortion. But in 2018, 67% of Irish people voted in support of each individual's right to choose for themselves, and it is essential that they can exercise this choice in a safe manner, free from harassment; and the 100 metre distancing provides for this.

This is about choice and allowing women, and healthcare workers, to access services, and workplaces, without fear of intimidation.

For further information on this Bill and support for it see:


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