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Sustainable Livestock Village at the Tullamore Show 2023.

Today I had the privilege of launching the Sustainable Livestock Village at this year’s Tullamore Show. The Tullamore Show and FBD National Livestock Show will take place on Sunday, August 13 at the Butterfield Estate, just outside Tullamore.

A group of over 20 men and women dressed in business and professional clothing stand in a line, posed for photographs under overhanging trees in an outdoor green space.

Speaking at the launch event held at FBD House, I said “With annual Show attendances in excess of 60,000, there is a huge potential target audience for the advice that will be available around breeding, animal performance, grassland management, animal health and nutrient management. I’ve no doubt that the Sustainable Livestock Village will prove a popular exhibition for 2023 at the Tullamore Show.”

“Sustainability is a word we hear so often, and I think it’s useful to stop and think about what it really means. When we talk about sustainability in the environmental sense, what we are talking about is the quality of causing little or no damage to the environment and therefore an ability to continue for a long time.

In the agricultural context, for me the real sweet spot is for a farmer to be able to deliver environmental sustainability alongside economic sustainability, where the farm enterprise will be able continue for a long time.”

I also spoke of my personal experience as an organic livestock farmer near Geashill, Co Offaly;

“Organic livestock farming is what I know best. For me it’s the epitome of a sustainable farming system, delivering for biodiversity, water quality and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. But of course organics isn’t the only way we are supporting sustainable farming in government.

Come to the Sustainable Livestock Village to find out about the environmentally sustainable measures we are incentivising and investing in, from animal breeding to soil health, multi-species swards to EIPs and beyond. I hope a visit to the Village helps all farmers to gain the clarity and confidence to take a further step on the journey we are all on together.

Pippa Hackett stands alone in an outdoor green spacing holding a sign that reads Tullamore Show, FBD National Livestock Show, Sustainable Livestock Village

“I welcome the Sustainable Livestock Village at this year’s Tullamore Show as a platform to highlight the range of practices that farmers can implement to reduce CO2 while positively affecting farm margins and profitability. I wish all those working towards a vibrant and informative Sustainable Livestock Village all the very best. I look forward to visiting you in August and hope the Village will go on to become an annual fixture for many years.”


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