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Talamh Beo launch Soil Biodiversity Literacy & Enhancement EIP Project

My husband Mark and I were thrilled to host Talamh Beo this week as they launched their Soil Biodiversity Literacy & Enhancement EIP Project & digital platform at our farm.

I was delighted to see first hand Talamh Beo’s EIP project on soil biodiversity. Farmers are becoming more and more aware of the importance of biodiversity, none more so than in the soil beneath their feet. For too long now, we’ve measured soil health in terms of just its chemical components - be that N, P, K or Ph, while its biological components have been largely ignored. But times are changing, and we now know that a healthy biome is likely to be the most important aspect of soil quality.

This project aims to help farmers understand more about the health of their soil, and the peer-to-peer learning element of this project will be most important.

Check out for all the latest news, stories from the fields & how you can get involved with their work.


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