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Welcoming agreement on Sectoral Emission Ceilings

Yesterday, Government announced agreement on Sectoral Emission Ceilings.

I want to acknowledge all those in Government, particularly Ministers Eamon Ryan and Charlie McConalogue who, together with officials and advisors, worked tirelessly to reach agreement: It was not easy.

To quote Minister Ryan ‘it is a significant and historic’ moment. The agreement reached places Ireland in a leading role in combatting climate change and for the first time each sector of our economy has a clear sense of just how much they must do to reduce emissions. We will all benefit from cleaner air, warmer homes, and a better quality of life. Every sector will play its part and this plan will help to secure the future of every sector, including farming.

Within agriculture, we will be supporting farmers through initiatives such as a new forestry programme and improved incentives to engage in organic farming and invest in renewable energy technology. The government will also be assisting in the development of biomethane from anaerobic digestion (AD), which will provide an opportunity for farmers who wish to consider additional income sources while also contributing significantly to decarbonising the energy system. I am confident that we can meet our climate action targets by working together in a solutions focused way.

Please inform yourself further at on the Sectoral Emissions Ceilings generally and on the Agricultural sector specifically.


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