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Welcoming Vlas to my team

With Vlas at the King Oak Tree in Tullamore estimated to be at least 400 years old

I want to issue a warm welcome to Vlas Novokhatnii, to my Parliamentary Team.

I recently employed Mr. Novokhatnii under the Oireachtas’ Secretarial Assistance Scheme. I had the vacancy at a time when the need for support of displaced Ukrainians was becoming more apparent every day. I advertised, and I am very happy to say that Vlas applied – he came very highly recommend by Deirdre Fox, Manager of Offaly Volunteer Centre.

I see a complex dynamic emerging in the Midlands regarding displaced Ukrainians. Those arriving here come with needs, and there is no doubt they carry trauma from the horror they have left behind. We must acknowledge and support this. But they also come with an abundance of skills and ultimately the desire to contribute to the development of our Country. We are only a few weeks into the situation and we are already seeing the fruits of their contribution.

Vlas Novokhatnii is an example of this. On arrival to Tullamore, with his mother, he immediately volunteered with Offaly Volunteer Centre. I hope it was a smooth transition from volunteer to employee as he was already assisting with issues from housing to urgent dental appointments and continues to do that on my behalf.

Vlas speaking about his role said “Helping people and being a part of the community has always been my intention, and now, thanks to Minister Hackett, it is my job. Right now, displaced Ukrainians need the support of the Irish people and Government. Being a Ukrainian, I understand what they are going through and this helps build trust. They are dealing with very real challenges at the moment but I can assure you, once they settle, and it might happen very soon, they will be the ones helping each other, the Irish people, and the Irish economy. They will be the ones contributing, becoming a valuable addition to Irish society.”

I hope, for the sake of all of Ukraine, that the war will end soon, that those displaced can return and rebuild their homes and lives if they choose to. If not, and in the meantime, they are our new neighbours. I say this in awe of those who have done so much already to make them feel welcome. This may be a marathon, not a sprint, we don’t know yet and we must be prepared for a new future. Change is inevitable, our response is our choice.


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