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Women in rural Ireland face a disadvantage in accessing abortion services

Press Release 28th May 2021

A review of the abortion law is now due to take place, three years after it came into force.

“I am aware that there are limited services for people in accessing abortion in the Midlands and I would like to see a geographical element to the review so that rural people are not at a disadvantage,” says Senator Hackett.

The Oireachtas All Party Group on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights has called on the Minister for Health to urgently provide details about the review of the Health (Regulation of Termination of Pregnancy) Act 2018.

Senator Hackett has joined this cross-party group in urging the appointment of a Chair, independent of government, with expertise in sexual and reproductive health and rights to oversee the abortion law review.

“We need a review which draws on the experience of both those accessing and providing abortion care in Ireland,” says Senator Hackett.

“I know of very disturbing instances where the current situation is not meeting the needs of those seeking and providing care and I want to be sure we use this review effectively to close the gaps in care.”

Read more on the Irish Family Planning Association site.


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