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My name is Pippa Hackett

I joined the Green Party in 2016 because, as a mother of young children, I was becoming concerned about the future. The party’s ethos and principals aligned closely to my own. I live next to the founder of the Green Party in Ireland, Christopher Fettes, in County Offaly and our conversations over the years persuaded me to become politically active.

Pippa Hackett June 2021.jpg

A little about me

I studied agriculture in college in the UK and went on to do a postgraduate diploma in UCD and a PhD at UL.

My husband, Mark, and I began farming in Geashill, County Offaly, close to the Laois border, in 2005.  We have a mixed organic farm (suckler cows, sheep, hens and horses) and we have four children.

I was elected to Offaly County Council in 2019 and when I moved to Seanad Eireann, Mark replaced me as the Green Party Councillor.


Now that we’re both involved in politics, it’s a busy household.


I’ve always been a busy person, involved in community-based and schools projects in both Laois and Offaly. I’ve been a youth club secretary and leader, a local newsletter editor, a Mountlucas parkrun director, and a board member of local sports committees.

I would encourage more women to get involved in politics. When I sit at Cabinet, only six of the 20 members are women. We need more female voices at all levels of politics – in the Dail and Seanad, on County Councils, and in community groups and organisations.

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