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€442,300+ for Offaly Under Built Heritage Investment and Historic Structures Funds

The preservation of Ireland’s built heritage received a significant boost today with the announcement of the Built Heritage Investment Scheme (BHIS) and Historic Structures Fund (HSF).

Built Heritage and Historic Structures in Offaly are to benefit from €442,369 from the fund. The funding will go towards a range of works, from small-scale, labour-intensive projects in individual homes, up to larger-scale projects in major public buildings.



There are seven types of grants:

  1. Built Heritage Investment Scheme: This is the general stream for projects up to €15k

  2. Built Heritage Investment Scheme – Thatch: A dedicated stream for thatched buildings

  3. Historic Structures Fund – Stream 1: This is the general stream for projects €15k-€200k

  4. Historic Structures Fund – Stream 2 – 2025 & Partnership: These are 2-year projects starting in 2024

  5. Historic Structures Fund – Stream 2 – 2023/2024: These are 2-year projects that started last year

  6. Historic Structures Fund – Vernacular: A dedicated stream for vernacular buildings

  7. Historic Structures Fund – Shopfronts: A dedicated stream for shopfronts

It is fantastic to see such support given to our built heritage, which is an extremely important part of our history and identity. This funding will help owners and custodians of our built heritage to undertake the repair and rejuvenation of these historic buildings, presenting them to their best effect today and safeguarding them into the future. Supporting our communities in their efforts to repair, preserve and restore our built heritage takes significant time, care, expertise, and investment. In that regard, this funding also boosts the local economy in Offaly, providing significant support to local jobs in conservation and traditional skills.


In Offaly, a range of projects are to be funded, from thatching to window and door upgrades to more substantial works at Tullamore Presbyterian Church, and at Luker's Public House, Shannonbridge.


I commend the work being done in our communities to ensure that schemes such as the Historic Structures Fund and the Built Heritage Investment Scheme, are being availed of from my Green Party colleague, Minister Malcolm Noonan’s Department.

Announcing the awards today, Minister Noonan said:

“I am delighted to announce €9 million in funding for 676 heritage projects up and down the country. My Department’s two grant programmes – the Built Heritage Investment Scheme and the Historic Structures Fund – support the owners and custodians of our nation's historic structures to conserve and protect them, helping to revitalise historic town centres and ensure their unique character is preserved for future generations. The level of funding available highlights the Government's ongoing commitment to the built heritage that communities know and love. These schemes also provide valuable work for the many traditional craft and tradespeople across Ireland, helping to keep these unique skills alive.”

Credit is due also to the conservation and heritage professionals across Ireland, as well the fantastic teams in our local authorities, who help ensure that these structures are maintained for the benefit of the communities now and in the future.

You can read the full list of Offaly allocations below.

Download PDF • 50KB


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