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Ballintubbert Gardens & House

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

It was such a pleasure to attend the launch of Ballintubbert Gardens and House’s stunning organic gardens today.

Situated close to Stradbally in Co Laois, the house dates to 1780 and the gardens recently achieved organic status. There are 14 acres in total “where all weeds are hand pulled, where Blackbirds are our slug control and where Bees holiday in our purpose built beetopia area”.

Aside from the visual beauty of these organic gardens, they are a powerful representation of the value of embracing the natural world while minimising our impact. Ballintubbert House marries these principles of sustainability with the provision of economic and socio-cultural benefits to the local area.

My sincere congratulations to our hosts today – I wish you every success and prosperity in beginning a new chapter with the organic gardens.


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