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Callows Farmers' Fodder Support

I welcome today’s Government approval of payments to farmers located in the Shannon Callows who have lost fodder as a result of exceptional flooding.

I am delighted that my colleagues in the Department of Agriculture recognise that 2023 has seen an abnormal pattern of flooding on farmed land in the Shannon Callows, especially in the late Summer months. This flooding prevented harvesting, and over 200 farmers and approximately 2,500 hectares have been identified by the Department as being negatively affected.

Today at Cabinet, Government colleagues approved a targeted scheme which will accept applications from Callows farmers for funding to assist them over the winter months. Based on average yields per hectare a payment of €325 per hectare will be available to farmers affected by fodder loss in the region and will be paid on a minimum of one hectare and a maximum of 15 hectares. The estimated total scheme cost is in the region of €800,000.

As a farmer, and having spoken with farmers on the Callows, I can fully appreciate that without this scheme farm incomes in the areas affected would be reduced, having very real and negative outcomes for individuals and families but also for the local economy.

The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine will contact farmers directly who have been affected by this flooding in the coming weeks in order to receive applications for aid. Farmers will be asked to confirm they have lost fodder as a result of the extended flooding in order to receive payment.



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