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Circular Economy Strategy Aims to Reduce Emissions

The launch of a Circular Economy Strategy by the Irish Government is being welcomed by Minister Pippa Hackett.

“Some people are great about reusing and recycling, but manufacturers need to join the effort,” she says. “A shocking 45% of our emissions are directly related to producing goods, so manufacturers must be part of the solution – just like transport, agriculture and energy.

“Instead of producing, consuming, and discarding, we need to plan – at the design stage – for how products can be dismantled and reused. Think about clothes, construction materials, and electronics. Manufacturers will now be asked to factor in the reuse/recycling plan for their goods.

“We have some great examples of the circular economy working in the Midlands – like the Bike Engineering Academy in Kilcormac, Offaly where people are being trained to repair old bicycles, or the bottle-to-bottle plastic recycling plant which is due to be operational in Portlaoise in 2023.”

In a circular economy, waste is minimised. Products are kept in use for as long as possible, through design, repair, and reuse. When a product has reached the end of its life, its parts are used again and again – to create further useful products.

“My colleague Minister Ossian Smyth has responsibility for the Circular Economy, and I’m delighted to see him bringing this bill forward,” says Minister Hackett. “It’s the type of commonsense legislation – along with the Deposit-Return Scheme – that the Green Party is succeeding in moving through the Oireachtas.”


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