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Community Climate Action Fund

Today, Government launched the Community Climate Action Fund to support small and large, rural and urban communities to take climate action at a local level.

This is a really exciting opportunity for Communities to play their part in climate action but to think outside the box. Climate action projects can improve health and wellbeing, and depending on the project, can generate income or add value in many other ways.

Working with your County Council, communities can access up to a total of €444,000 ( Offaly ) and €465,000 ( Laois ) under the first round of the fund. There are 5 themes to the funding: Energy, travel, food and waste, shopping and recycling and finally local climate and environmental action.

I know that the councils' climate teams are already engaging with eligible groups and I would encourage anyone with an idea to make contact with them. The climate challenge requires innovation and collaboration and I believe the potential for positive outcomes for communities is immense.

  • Can your community plan a renewable energy project?

  • Could this be a solar powered EV car charging point?

  • Could your neighbourhood host a food waste digester for making compost for use in a local community garden?

  • What other innovative project do you have in mind?

The possibilities to this fund are vast and I don’t want to limit anyone’s imagination. A key point about this fund, unlike many other streams of funding, is the potential for 100% funding for a project.

The overall objective of the programme is to support and empower community and voluntary groups, to shape and build low carbon, sustainable communities.  I know Laois and Offaly communities will step up to the challenge because I see the evidence in communities every day. Go n-eirí an bóthar chun bualadh leat.

More details for Laois Communities here

More details for Offaly Communities here


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