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Conserving the Curlew - Press Release

Pippa Hackett and Malcolm Noonan make jobs announcement on Curlew Conservation. 30 contractor posts to be filled immediately.

Green Party Ministers Pippa Hackett and Malcolm Noonan TD have combined, along with their respective Departments, to drive forward plans to conserve the iconic curlew. The Ministers this week announced that the recruitment of 30 contractors to work with the Curlew Conservation Programme around the country would start immediately.

The Curlew Conservation Programme is primarily run and funded by the National Parks and Wildlife Service, which is under Minister Noonan’s remit, but an extra injection of money from Minister Hackett’s Department of Agriculture has enabled the field officers to be put in place earlier in the year than would otherwise have been the case.

Referring to both the partnership and the extra money, Minister Hackett said:

“It is wonderful to have another Green Minister to work with, to deliver on such important projects. And I’m delighted to see my department on board with this, because we need people in place now. The pre-season period from mid-January to March is crucial and this early hiring means that in advance of the breeding season, Field Officers will be able to come on board and lay the foundations for the year ahead with local landowners and communities

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