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Farmers and National Biodiversity Action Plan

Today, my colleague Minister Malcolm Noonan launched Ireland’s 4th National Biodiversity Action Plan. The NBAP aims to protect and restore nature across the country.

Bird cover crop on our farm in County Offaly, Summer 2023.

This Government has put a renewed focus on biodiversity, and through my own role as Minister for Biodiversity and Land Use, we have brought a new focus to farm biodiversity.

The vast majority of land in Ireland is farmland, so it is essential that we work with farmers and support them in their efforts to improve biodiversity across our countryside. Alongside the National Biodiversity Action Plan, my Department will continue to work with farmers on a host of initiatives to support biodiversity - above and below ground.

We’ve seen a three-fold increase in organic farming, increased uptake of multi-species swards, more soil sampling, and massive investments in water and nature EIPs. A new farmer focused forestry programme has more focus than ever on biodiversity and water quality, and the results based nature schemes in ACRES will see 50,000 farmers across the country farming for nature.

By working with farmers and supporting them, we can unlock the system change needed to deliver for nature, wildlife and our land.

Read the Press Release on today's launch on


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