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Government approval of the Gambling Regulation Bill welcomed

I welcome Government approval of the publication of the Gambling Regulation Bill by Minister of State at the Department of Justice, Deputy James Brown.

This week’s publication is an important milestone. The Programme for Government gives a clear commitment to the establishment of a gambling regulator focused on public safety and well-being, covering gambling online and in person, and the powers to regulate advertising, gambling websites and apps. I am delighted that the publication of the Bill to progress this objective was approved by Government this week with the aim of the gambling regulator being operational during 2023.

I believe we are all aware of the scale and often devastating impact of problem gambling. The publication of the Bill is an important milestone towards the effective regulation of gambling in Ireland under the new, independent statutory body – the Gambling Regulatory Authority of Ireland.

The Bill recognises the ever-increasing impact of technology on gambling and addresses the proliferation of gambling related advertising. The Gambling Regulatory Authority of Ireland will have appropriate powers to request information, monitor compliance, conduct inspections and investigate any suspected or actual breaches of the statutory obligations on licensees.

The Authority will also have statutory powers to take appropriate enforcement actions against non-compliant providers and to impose sanctions where appropriate.

I want to draw particular attention to the measures to protect children in the legislation and the inclusion of a Social Impact Fund. We know that not everybody who enjoys gambling becomes a problem gambler but some do. I welcome the measures and safeguards to address problem gambling, the protection of children, to ensure public safety and well-being, and consumer protection.

I also welcome proposals to establish a Social Impact Fund under the Authority to finance research and information, to support public education and to appropriately support problem gambling treatment activities.


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