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Low interest loans - Warmer Homes

I am delighted with progress on the Government’s home energy loan guarantee scheme which will open to homeowners early next year.

Under the new scheme, homeowners will be able to borrow €5,000 - €75,000 on an unsecured basis for a term of up to 10 years. This is the final piece of the jigsaw of home retrofitting. It answers the problem for those households, above the income threshold for free energy upgrades, but who don’t have the savings to be able to do the scale of the retrofit that they would like. The savings you make in utility bills will help cover the cost of the loan.

There is a list of answers to questions which you may have on the scheme attached:

Home Energy Upgrade Loan Scheme
Download PDF • 125KB

The loan scheme will open through lenders like banks, building societies and I hope credit unions, early next year. But now is the time for homeowners to be making enquiries and I suggest the SEAI website as their first port of call because we have one of the most generous retrofitting grant programmes in the EU.

The loan scheme is designed to complement the SEAI package of home energy grants. Please ensure you apply to SEAI in advance of starting any work and then accept your grant offer. Read more on eligibility and conditions here.


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