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Organic Processing Investment Grant Scheme now open

Press Release 17 May 2022

I am thrilled to announce the next tranche of the Organic Processing Investment Grant Scheme is currently open and will close on 31 July 2022.

The Organic Processing Investment Grant Scheme aims to develop the organic sector ensuring a consistent supply of high-quality organic produce to the market. The scheme provides funding to processors who wish to invest in developing facilities for the processing, preparation, grading, packing and storage of organic products consequently providing them with an opportunity to further enhance income.

We have seen 380 new applicants to the Organic Farming scheme in 2022 which is almost a 20% increase in application numbers to the Scheme in comparison to 2021. Altogether this means just under 700 new farmers joining the scheme in the last 12 months. As the demand for organic produce continues to increase each year, I am steadfast in my commitment to the development of the Irish organic industry by providing the necessary supports to producers and processors to meet market demands.

Following the continued success of the Organic Farming Scheme in increasing the overall yield of quality organic products, the Organic Processing Investment Grant Scheme provides essential financial assistance in the processing of these products, increasing the supply of quality Irish organic products to both domestic and international markets.

Funding of €1.2 million has been allocated to the scheme. Applicants can apply for grant aid for off farm investments up to €700,000 on eligible expenditure.

The Scheme continues to open in tranches; this tranche being open to 31 July 2022. Copies of the terms and conditions of the Grant Scheme, together with application forms, are available from the Organic Farming Unit, Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development, Johnstown Castle Wexford and on the Department’s website at


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