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Shannonbridge TEG Public Meeting

River in foreground sweeping around to left hand side of image. Bridge runs from left of image, over river to a power plant on the bank on the right hand side.
Image from ESB Archives

Following the public meeting in Shannonbridge on 24th April, it is clear that there are some serious concerns among the community in relation to the operation of the Temporary Emergency Generation plant by ESB. It is very important that these are addressed and I commend the Shannonbridge Action Group for arranging the opportunity for ESB to meet the whole community and to receive feedback.


Unfortunately, I was unable to attend in person, but I arranged for representation. I understand there have been problems regarding water supply, I believe that there was a commitment on the night to work directly with those affected and that is very welcome. A wider concern is air quality and implications for health of the operation of the Temporary Emergency Generation plant.


The plant is intended for infrequent, emergency use, to provide power at short notice during ‘amber alerts’ and to avoid black outs. ESB told the community that the 8 units will run for, in the region of, 1 hour each, every month for testing purposes.

Given the community’s concerns, I believe that either the air quality in Shannonbridge requires fulltime monitoring, or the community needs an unequivocal, science-based explanation of why such fulltime monitoring is not needed. I have contacted the EPA and the Department of Environment, Climate and Communications to follow up on this and I will keep Shannonbridge Action Group informed.




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