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Statement on the release of Constituency Review Report 2023

Today’s report on the Constituency Review, recommends that the next Dáil would see 174 TDs representing 43 Dáil Constituencies, up from the current 160 TDs in 39 Constituencies.

The report recommends that the constituency of Laois-Offaly is divided into two constituencies: the new Laois constituency and the new Offaly constituency. The new constituencies will see the addition of EDs transferred from the Kildare South constituency. Both will be 3 seat constituencies comprising the entire counties of

Offaly and Laois respectively.

I was proud to come 6th in the five-seater Laois Offaly constituency in the General Election of 2020, and I was immensely grateful to those who voted for me. I was elected to Seanad Eireann in April of 2020, and I’ve enjoyed working with communities across both Laois and Offaly since.

Whilst I am disappointed by the outcome for my own constituency of Laois-Offaly, I am fully aware that the establishment of An Coimisiún Toghcháin, the Electoral Commission, represents the most important reform of the electoral system in decades.

The Green Party made a submission in favour of the greater use of larger constituencies, as we believe these promote more diversity, gender balance, and ensure all views are represented in the Oireachtas.

I fully intend to run in the next election as the Green Party candidate for Offaly – with 3 seats this will be an uphill challenge, but I’ll dig deep, and will stand on my proven record of representing the people of the Midlands as a Senator, as a Minister of State in the Department of Agriculture and as the only Minister at Cabinet for the area.

Some politicians may wish for the people of Offaly to stay forever tied to the past. That is not my vision, nor is it the vision of the many amazing communities I have met across this county, who are fully aware of the potential that the future green economy holds for this county and region. I am ready to deliver on those opportunities.

I believe Offaly needs that faithful and effective representation - someone who will maximise the benefits - for business, for communities, and for nature. Bring it on!

The Constituency Review Report 2023 is available at constituency-review-report-2023.pdf

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