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Take HGVs Out of Small Towns

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

HGVs which pollute small towns to avoid paying tolls should reconsider their practices, says Minister Pippa Hackett.

“Children, old people and the vulnerable deserve to walk the streets of their towns without having to endure the noise and traffic of these large vehicles,” she said.

The Minister was responding to an Origin-Destination survey of traffic passing through Abbeyleix, Durrow and Cullolhill. by Laois County Council. It shows that an average of 580 HGVs per day passed along the N77/R639 – 15% of which could potentially have used the M7 Toll for their journeys.

“Most hauliers are doing the decent thing and using the correct route,” said Minister Pippa Hackett. “2695 use the M7 Toll Plaza. I now call on all hauliers to pay their tolls and keep their vehicles out of towns."

“This survey highlights what’s happening in Abbeyleix, Durrow, and Cullolhill but it’s probably happening in other parts of the country as well."

“I commend Laois County Council on conducting this survey.”


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