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Update on Kolbe Special School

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Kolbe Special School in Portlaoise


While we had received assurances that this was in process, today's confirmation that the Kolbe Special School project is to proceed to tender is a significant milestone. My thanks to the whole school community who have brought this important project to this point. I am well aware of how difficult some of the journey has been. Onwards and upwards from here.


I am delighted to receive confirmation from my Government Colleague, Minister Foley, that an agreement has been secured to guarantee and support the rollout and continuation of the Department’s ambitious school building programme.

This means that plans for a new school building for Kolbe Special School in Portlaoise, which were put on hold in March, will now proceed to the next stage.

This will facilitate the continued rollout of urgently required school building projects in both mainstream and special education settings, including those that were temporarily paused due to capital funding pressures.

I understand that the Department of Education will update each of the 58 schools in relation to the formal arrangements and next steps in respect of the delivery of their individual projects and I will continue to work with Minister Foley to ensure that the building of the new Kolbe Special School proceeds without delay.


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