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Electric Vehicles Charging Infrastructure Strategy 2022 – 2025 welcomed

Minister Hackett said:

"I welcome the launch of the Electric Vehicles Charging Infrastructure Strategy 2022 – 2025, which will see €100 million spent on public charging infrastructure over the next three years. Switching to electric cars are an important part of our move to sustainable transport. They have a role to play for rural dwellers where public transport, however much it is improving, will not serve all our transport needs. We need to instill confidence in car drivers that the charging infrastructure is fit for purpose so that they are encouraged to make the switch and I believe the new Strategy will deliver on this".

Cllr Mark Hackett added:

“I made a submission at public consultation stage on the EV Charging Strategy raising 3 main points: The need for fully accessible charging points for those with reduced mobility (including remote, real time information on this), the inclusion of on-site charging points in community facilities and the colocation of charging infrastructure for cars, bikes and scooters where safe to do so. I am glad to see all 3 matters addressed in the final strategy with the roll out of the new Shared Island Sports Club Scheme to open on January 30th. This €15m scheme will help sports clubs install electric vehicle charge points in local communities across the island of Ireland.”
As a EV owner, I was delighted when I got my Zappi last June to make charging easy.


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